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Hellfest Pros/cons 2017 english Edition

Maybe some other English speaking People would like to share their Hellfest 2017 Experience.

Basically my only Problems of this Hellfest were

-Again about 75% of the showers were just useless because and had to be turned off and the rest of them had such low water pressure that it took forever to shower.

If other Festivals can put pipes in the middle of nowhere, or have some big trucks full of water on site during the critical morning hours when everybody wants to shower, then hellfest should be able to do the same

-Dust. there was so much dust and I just don´t understand why they didn´t water the grounds from time to time.

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Re : Hellfest Pros/cons 2017 english Edition

I agree with all of this. It actually became quite hard to eat food because of the dust. I was choking because of the allergies sad

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