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HELLFEST 2016, it's over! The good things, but also the bad things!

And it's over, Hellfest 2016.

My tops:
The bands I saw, the people I met, and wanted to meet (one exception, on Sunday)
The decoration. Especially during night time.

But there are also some major issues!
Cashless, I prefer the German system, where you pay cash at all stands, or the system at Dynamo Eindhoven, where you pay with tokens (you can read cashless here as well) EVERYWHERE (except the merch), but not the 50-50 system as in Hellfest. (only bars, Hell Snack, but nowhere else!). Furthermore, I'd like my money back, should I have a credit left, and ESPECIALLY on the 2015 card, that loses its valid all the way! (I calculated in such a sense that I had nothing left, but I couldn't use the HF app, as I refused to get a new card!)
The crowd. Is it me, or there were way more people as last year? I found it a bit annoying. Especially when you wanted to see the bands at the mainstages! I ended up near the WARZONE during Rammstein! (though the sound was perfect there! tongue )

Anyways, I've said more than enough in the French part, it's up to you. Your impressions!

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