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Tickets 2016 available on September 15th!

Many of you are eager to see the first bands announced and the opening of the ticketing service. Last year, the 2015 edition was rapidly sold out, and the 2016 edition is likely to undergo the same enthusiasm. For now, we are unfortunately unable to tell you which groups will be part of our line-up; nevertheless we have decided to put the 2016 tickets up for sale. This is a first in the history of the festival. After 10 years of existence, we hope to have earned your trust. The numerous positive feedbacks we got in 2015 have encouraged us to take this step. The passes will be on sale on the 15th of September and they will be full cost, given that the whole of the lower cost tickets were sold during the festival! We have always done our best to hear you out in order for the Hellfest experience to evolve in the best of ways. We promise the next edition will be full of surprises, with once again more than 160 groups to choose from! Thank you again for your trust; we will see you on the 17th, 18th and 19th of June 2016 in Clisson to celebrate the 11th edition of the Hellfest.

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Re : Tickets 2016 available on September 15th!

Thanks I've got mine. Can't wait for the announcements  cool

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Re : Tickets 2016 available on September 15th!

Hi all, Next year is going to be our first Hellfest. How much were the tickets for this year (Full weekend with camping) just so the eight of us can get an idea?
Cheers cool

2017 Hellfest Virgins.

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Re : Tickets 2016 available on September 15th!


#Team Anti Ghost

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