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Hellfest n00b needs your help

Hey everyone! Wifey and I are super stoked about this festival.  My first in Europe and her first ever!  Please help us by answering some questions:

1 - Can I bring a small, three-legged portable, foldable chaut into the festival area?
2 - Are backpacks allowed in the concert area?
3 - I like Jaeger and ginger beer, so can I bring my flask with Jaeger? devil
4 - What’s the food like? tongue
5 - When does the last show end on Sunday?  We are only there for Sunday shows. cool
6 - We’re staying at an Air BnB in Nantes, so what are our options Sunday for transport to the show (we have a car and do not want to be stuck in festival traffic leaving the grounds when it all ends) roll

Many thanks!  smile

- Elsa and Jonathan

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Re : Hellfest n00b needs your help

Hi there,
1. Yes you can bring chairs
2. I think your allowed max 10l or 15l can’t quite remember
3. No you can’t bring any liquids in except for what’s in your Hellfest cup/jug, available at the bars.
You could use a smuggle your booze suncream to bring your jaeger in though, not sure if they try the liquid if you have a camel pack so that’s an option as well.
4. Food is excellent, plenty to choose from, generaly when you order you get a ticket then move to the right of the counter, don’t que on this side they won’t serve.
5. Last show end at 2am
6. Not sure but think there are shuttle and trains available, someone else could give you an answer.

Hellfest 2015, 2016 and soon to be 2018

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Re : Hellfest n00b needs your help

infos for shuttles and trains :

https://cdn.ter.sncf.com/medias/PDF/pay … 172887.pdf
https://www.ter.sncf.com/pays-de-la-loi … ementaires

you have trains (5€) to clisson station. then you can take a shuttle (2€) to hellfest site. you can come back to nantes by train at 1:00 / 2:15 / 3:30

cheerz !

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