#1 Re : Previous editions » Your photo » 16-06-2010 10:39:54

That first pic is MANK too! Im laughing and look odd hahaha =P

#2 Re : Previous editions » Your photo » 16-06-2010 10:38:49

Hahahahahahaha Me and you on a BUS!? Nice choice! Hahaha The train one was better! =P

Ive still gotta put all them online from Eddies in Brum! There just waiting to be uploaded smile

#5 Re : Previous editions » Your photo » 16-06-2010 09:48:28

Shell!! You should post a pic of the both of us together!!!!!! From Wolves Death Fest!!

#6 Re : Speak about Hellfest 2019 » Your questions about Hellfest! » 11-06-2010 10:06:05

Just make sure you take clothes for all weathers.

Hellfest 2007: Fuckin pissin it down and flooded campsite. This is where the local super market came in handy- Me and my partner at the time managed to buy wellies in our sizes for such a cheap price smile

Hellfest 2008: I was burnt so bad! Theres like a row of 5 tree's and evvvery single person at the arena were hiding under the shade of these tree's haha big_smile They hired fire engines to cover everyone with water which was great at the time- but stupid afterwards when the sun just burnt your head worse >_<

Ive had both extremes at Hellfest and Ill be taking both types. The weather forecast was NEVER right!! Keep that in mind.

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